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Over the last 70 years Metalino has established high engineering and manufacturing standards. The reputation for quality first without compromise has been truly earned and is still highly valued by our organization to secure customer satisfaction.
Our facilities are equipped with up to date and professional machinery and our operations are using fully integrated and modern supporting ERP systems. This securing a high level of control over all our process and services. It is our honor and pleasure to serve you as our valued customer.

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Safety at work with Metalino BV

Ever since the founding of Metalino BV in 1933 we have had our focus on the development of various applications which are meant to make working with flammable hazards, such as petrol stations, safer. In the decades that followed, our engineers have come up with several demisting systems and we have thusly grown to the point of being a global player in the chemical- and petrochemical industry. Our drive for safety through innovation however, is still as strong as ever and we are constantly looking for ways to come up with new applications and improving existing ones. Feel free to contact us for an answer for all of our questions.

High quality products thanks to Dutch engineering

Because of our extensive experience we have been able to refine our skills and come up with new and improved ways of making the chemical- and petrochemical industry safer. Inventions such as Metalino’s flame arrestor, for protecting gas systems against explosions by open fire, is a good example of the innovative way of working we strive for. Another example is our coalescer which is designed to separate liquids. Other developments at Metalino BV are designed to improve product value. Products like our oil mist eliminator which improves the purity of your product. For more information on our products and solutions, please contact us and tell us what your specific needs are.

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