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Metalino knitted wire mesh
Metalino knit wire mesh and standard stock wire qualities are available in wire diameters 0,15 and 0,28 mm.

Wire qualities:
  • AISI 304-316-321, etc.
  • AISI 310-Incoloy DS
  • Incoloy 600-Monel
  • Inconel-Incoloy
  • Plastics
  • Polypropylene
  • TeflonĀ©
Modern knitting machines
Our modern knitting machines can produce from 50 mm. to 1200 mm. width double layer mesh in any length to suit customers specific requirements.

Grids, required for the fabrication of demisting systems, are manufactured from the same quality material as the mesh with the exception of the nylon and plastic qualities.

image knitted wire mesh
The applications are manifold, just to mention a few:
  1. Packing sleeves or liner around ceramic bricks in converters;
  2. Mesh seals and wraps;
  3. Vibration dampers;
  4. Silencers;
  5. Demisters;
  6. Filtration systems;
  7. Flame arrestors;
  8. Insulation wrapping.
Metalino knit wire mesh is basically manufactured as a double layer, flat, open ended sleeve.
The width is measured across the sleeve and is tailored according to your specifications and requirements.